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TrueLark can Deliver 11x Return Right out of the Gate (More if You’re a Seasoned Location)

August 26, 2021

Getting businesses to recognize the potential of AI as a significant factor in their growth is not without its challenges.

We often experience a zone of pushback from prospective customers who feel that they do not have enough conversation volume or incoming call volume to justify investing in an AI-led automated platform. Others feel that they have sufficient front desk coverage to manage their incoming calls and leads.

The numbers tell a different story. We have customers both with and without front desk staff. We also serve new businesses and brands that have been around for some time. TrueLark delivers quantifiable value for all of them.

You will indeed see more value from TrueLark if your location or business has been around for longer. It stems from the fact that you have a large number of customers that keep coming back, or you have generated enough of a presence that new customers are steadily calling in. You will indeed reap more value from TrueLark the more established you are.

That said, even if you are in a brand-new location, there is still immense value TrueLark can deliver, and the data supports that. Here’s what we see when we take a closer look at the trends.

  • If your location has been open for more than six months, you will see a 20-23X average return on the amount you spend per month. The return on investment is calculated by aggregating the money that TrueLark has brought in for you from the bookings and dividing that number by the monthly spend.
  • In the case of businesses that have been open for less than six months, an 11X ROI on spend is seen, which in itself is quite remarkable. You can definitely generate enough value to justify taking on a service like TrueLark.

Even a business that is not yet fully up and running or as profitable as it would like to be, thoughtful strategies will lead to the desired outcome.

The other takeaway is around how young businesses book appointments. Given that in the early days the calendar is not full and open slots exist across the day, most businesses tend to book appointments all over the place.

E.g., if you have say ten spots available, some in the middle of the day, others at more “prime times,” it doesn’t mean you should necessarily book at adhoc times of the day. If you group your appointments by booking new ones close to preexisting appointments, you are less likely to need a lot of staff to serve your customers. When the appointments are scattered, the team would have to just wait around between appointments. In a nutshell, there is no need to overspend to gain revenue. Thoughtful booking can save costs.

Whether it is a small outfit or a single location, AI can help pave the way and cost-effectively lead to the desired goal at some point in the future. For larger setups, AI can help convert every possible lead. And adding TrueLark can get you going right from Day One. Schedule a demo to learn more.

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