Sales & Marketing

Up-sell & add-on Recommendations

Ask specific questions and gather info about your clients, such as location or referral source, prior to further engagement via chat. This information will guide the conversations to ensure your clients get the answer that is most relevant to their situation while collecting the information your team needs to provide the very best experience.

Questions can be designed to:
  • Educate guests about your offerings
  • Ensure guests meet specific criteria before booking
  • Up-sell by suggesting add-ons
Examples include:
  • Share link which educates guests on criteria before booking
  • Offer a group discount or promote private events for people making bookings for a group
  • Prompt client to purchase a membership on the second visit
  • Ask about promotions codes
  • Determine the client’s preferred location
  • Collect a referral source (client referrals, Groupon, ClassPass, etc.)
  • Determine if a client is new to the business
  • Gather consumer feedback

Available with Ultimate package.