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Lead Engage contacts prospective clients immediately via text when they submit a marketing form, helping them to schedule a service, first-class, consultation, or any promotion your business is currently running — giving you the comfort of knowing that warm leads never go cold again.

Turn prospects into repeat customers

The law of immediacy is critical when new clients reach out. Customer attention drops off quickly and is more likely to visit a competitor with every minute that goes by waiting for a reply.

Respond and engage using TrueLark immediately to ensure your customers get what they want when they want it.

Dive Deeper

View the latest updates on Lead Engage and how it can support your business. Learn how to:

  • create a campaign,
  • manage your campaigns,
  • report on campaign metrics.

Consistent experience across all your locations

One of the biggest challenges for multi-location businesses is providing a consistent experience across each location. You have new clients reaching out to you across multiple channels at multiple locations. Leverage technology to make your “secret sauce” scalable no matter where in the world you grow. Help to drive consistent performance at each location, cutting costs but not quality.



Much like with booking software platforms, we’re working hard to make Lead Engage available on all lead form platforms. At the moment, Lead Engage is available to those using Facebook and Instapage to build forms. Use a different platform? Let us know what integration we should focus on next.

Increase profit with conversational marketing

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lead Engage can drive the following outcomes: Scheduling an appointment Signing a client up for a class TrueLark can also answer FAQs about the promotion or services associated with the form, including questions services, staff, and schedule.

Name Phone number Service or class you're promoting Location ID (your location-specific booking software platform ID)

Businesses typically collect leads via an online lead platform (e.g. Instapage, Facebook, FormStack) and add them to spreadsheets which staff use to track and follow up on submissions. Form platforms send lead info (e.g. name, phone number, email address, etc.) to the tracker through a built-in feature called a webhook. Lead Engage connects to your form platform via the same webhook functionality and by doing so is able to collect the lead's contact information, then follow up by text using this information.

Lead Engage is currently available as an add-on with any TrueLark plan for $99 per month per location.

Contact us to let us know. We have plans to expand on to other platforms throughout 2020.

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Lead Engage feature is $99 add-on for your TrueLark Subscription.

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