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Grow Your Customer Base

TrueLark marketing tools immediately follow up with clients via text after they submit a form or response to marketing message— giving you the comfort of knowing that warm leads never go cold again.

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Convert New Clients

TrueLark responds to outreach within seconds with a 30 – 40% conversion rate.

More Conversations

On average, Lead Engage customers saw a 90% engagement rate from new client conversations

Text promotions

89% of customers prefer to receive follow-up via text. Engage your prospects and generate more revenue.

Up-sell (add-ons)

Sasha can ask your clients questions to make product, membership, service, or pricing options recommendations based on client needs, goals, or behaviors.

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Lead Engage

Lead Engage contacts prospective clients immediately via text when they submit a marketing form, helping them to schedule a service, first-class, consultation, or any promotion your business is currently running — giving you the comfort of knowing that warm leads never go cold again.

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What our customers say

Text outreach

Outreach is a one-way, proactive marketing, and communication tool that uses SMS text messaging. This feature allows you to send promotional content, business updates, and other one-way messages to opted-in contacts. Outreach supports marketing efforts, client retention, lead generation, and customer communications.

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More ways to use True Lark


The communication metrics you need to grow your business. Daily reporting will provide a deeper understanding of how many customers are reaching out to you, how engaged they are and why are they reaching out.

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Omni Channel

Prospects and existing customers prefer to communicate with you in a variety of different ways -- via phone, text message, Instagram, Facebook, web chat, etc. TrueLark allows you to manage communications across all these channels and from one place.

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Customer Support

Give your customers 24/7 support without hiring more staff. TrueLark is available to speak with your customers day and night answering FAQs, booking appointments, and so much more. Responding within seconds of customer outreach.

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