Core AI

Advanced workflows

Ask specific questions and gather info about your clients, such as location or referral source, prior to further engagement via chat. This information will guide the conversations to ensure your clients get the answer that is most relevant to their situation while collecting the information your team needs to provide the very best experience.

Membership Recommendation

Use TrueLark’s Advanced Workflow to make recommendations on the best services for your clients’ needs. Use the same logic and structure as your staff with a higher rate of consistency and control.

Class Recommendations

Provide class or appointment recommendations based on your clients’ fitness experience, interest, or other unique parameters to create an experience that is customized to your business and the clients’ needs.

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COVID Workflow

Keeping your staff and clients safe is critical. Use Advanced workflows to assist in complying with new regulations and procedures around COVID or any other unforeseen event. TrueLark’s Advanced Workflows will give your business the flexibility to manage whatever comes your way.

Upsell Workflow

Upselling is a simple way to increase your average sale price per transaction. It can be challenging for your staff to be consistent in the upsell process. Advanced Workflows will support by generating more revenue for your business with increased consistency.

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