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How Dental Scheduling and Communication from TrueLark Drive More Revenue

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We always keep your personal information safe. You can read more about our privacy policy here

Patient interaction is the most critical part of dental practice marketing. So, good marketing and advertising strategy may not always be effective in helping you grow your practice.

Modernizing patient communication and marketing with dental patient communication software helps you leverage the power of conversational AI to book more appointments, attract new patients, and retain existing patients.

With TrueLark you can:

  • Engage with patients the moment they contact you intelligently and efficiently
  • Enjoy seamless omnichannel support without tying up your front office staff
  • Manage multiple locations with easy scalability
  • Automate scheduling and handle as much as 85% of every patient inquiry
  • Generate a return on your investment of 20 to 1.

At TrueLark, we handle more than 5 million conversations and book more than $2 million worth of appointments every month. We can save you time and money while helping you book more appointments and retain more patients.

  • Never miss another call or contact
  • Improve response times, provide better customer experience
  • Deploy powerful ai conversation tools
  • Better communication with patients
Modernize Your Dental Marketing and Dental Patient Communication Software
These features and more make TrueLark the best dental patient communication software for your practice. Real-time, online scheduling and 24/7 patient support improve your patients’ customer experience, which drives more revenue.