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Mosaic Hair Studio’s Customer Satisfaction Will Blow You Away: Learn How They Do It

July 18, 2019

Mosaic Hair Studio & Blowout Bar has cracked the code to being named Orlando’s Top Salon by Yelp. In fact, they’ve cracked the code so well, they’ve won this accolade three years running. The magic ingredients? There are two – and they are never seen apart: Clients and Satisfaction.  

When Mosaic owner, marketing director and stylist, Mike van den Abbeel, assessed the success of his salon, he recognized that the constant flow of incoming calls, while a great indication of business success, also had the potential to negatively impact customer satisfaction

Mike looked for a solution that would take the pressure off his front desk team while at the same time ensure that all calls were managed with the quality of customer service expected from Orlando’s top salon. He had three options: to hire an additional member of the front desk team, take time away from his role as a stylist and marketing director, or look to technology to help solve the challenge.  

He decided on a technology solution and found it in Sasha for Salons and Spas, Powered by TrueLark advanced conversational AI technology that is already deployed in hundreds of beauty, wellness, and fitness businesses  and franchises, Sasha immediately relieved the constant call volume by quickly and intelligently responding to a wide range of inquiries, including appointment and re-scheduling requests; where to park; services offered; and cancellation policies. All with human-like conversation via text messages.  

“While you’d think it’s a salon owner’s dream to have the phones ringing non-stop, you have to measure it against impact on customer satisfaction. This is why Sasha for Salons and Spas from TrueLark has proved to be the best possible addition to our front desk team. We can now focus on our clients instead of being a slave to the phone. Our front desk staff are more efficient and productive. Our clients appreciate the quality in customer service. And I see the impact on our bottom line.”

Mike van den Abbeel, Owner, Mosaic Hair Studio & Blowout Bar

It has been an instant success. Clients love it. They can book appointments quickly by text. They can have immediate answers to any service questions they have such as opening hours, service options and stylist availability. They can leave a message if they are running late.  

Mosaic’s front desk team love it too. They now have the time to greet clients with a warm welcome and unrushed introduction to their stylist; and also spend quality time with them before they leave. They also have a dashboard on the front desk where Sasha notifies them if clients are running late or need follow-up.  

And Mike is very happy. Since putting Sasha to work at Mosaic, it has dealt with an average of 531 calls a month, scheduled 90 appointments, re-scheduled 15 appointments: amounting to $7,520 additional revenue booked every month! 

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