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Our Story

Meet Our New Form Response Feature

February 21, 2020

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Over the last few months, we’ve observed that lots of businesses across the Beauty, Wellness, and Fitness markets use forms to collect contact information from prospective clients, with the intent of following up with the client to share information, answer questions, schedule an appointment, etc. Sometimes these forms are targeted (e.g. 50% off your first haircut) and other times they’re fairly generic (e.g. submit your contact info and someone will reach out).

Our research shows that businesses take anywhere from a few minutes to 48 hours to follow up on warm leads that they collect on their website, Facebook, etc. Unfortunately, we’ve even found that some leads never receive any follow-up! Slow response times are problematic because not only do the prospective clients become impatient, they also become increasingly less likely to convert into customers.

What is Form Response and how does it work?

Form Response is a feature from TrueLark which follows up with clients immediately via text after they submit a form, by helping them with scheduling, answering questions, and providing information — giving you the comfort of knowing that warm leads never go cold again. This feature is very similar to the Missed Call Response from TrueLark, except instead of a missed call, it’s a form submission on a website or some other web property which triggers follow-up from TrueLark.

What kinds of outcomes can Form Response drive?

Form Response can drive the same types of outcomes as ones it already does after a missed call or on a Web Chat, for example:

  • Scheduling an appointment
  • Signing a client up for a class

TrueLark can also answer routine questions your clients have about the promotion or services associated with the form, including questions about your services, staff, and schedule.

Which form platforms are compatible with the Form Response feature?

Much like with booking software platforms, we’re working hard to make Form Response available on all lead form platforms. At the moment, Form Response is available to those using Instapage and Facebook Lead Ads to build forms, however, we expect this list to go in in the first half of 2020. Stay tuned or let us know what platform we should integrate with next.

How does it work?

Businesses typically collect leads via an online lead platform (e.g. Instapage, Facebook, FormStack, Click Funnels) and add them to spreadsheets which staff use to track and follow up on submissions. Form platforms send lead info (e.g. name, phone number, email address, etc.) to the tracker through a built-in feature called a webhook. Form Response connects to your form platform via the same webhook functionality and by doing so is able to collect the lead’s contact information, then follow up by text using this information.

Who is Form Response available to?

Form Response is currently available as an add-on with any TrueLark plan for $99 per month per location!



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