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I Like My Leads Like My Pizza – Piping Hot

July 28, 2021

Cold leads are like cold pizza — not as good as when they are fresh. Every time a lead goes cold, the business loses money. You can lose leads because of poor workflows or lack of time, or just not knowing what to do with a hot lead when it arrives.After all, hot leads are highly relevant to your business. They usually land at your door knowing what they want and ready to purchase as long as they receive the right kind of attention from you. On the other hand, cold leads need days of nurturing before they’re ready to even think about buying from you.

When businesses run paid ads on digital platforms, the idea is to go after those in the market for the offered service. A whole host of targeting parameters are put in place so that an ad is shown only to someone who has expressed some interest in a similar service before. For example, if someone looked up ‘dental clinics near me,’ they are just more likely to actually visit the dental clinic once they find the right one.

At this time, if they see an ad for your practice, they are very likely to check you out. But between looking around and paying a visit, they tend to look you up online. Once they are convinced that you are the right service for them, they will likely give you a call or leave a message. They expect to be responded to promptly, or they may even have some questions for you before choosing to visit.

For most businesses, leads tend to pour in, but they have no real means to filter them by interest level. Personally speaking to each individual may be great for engagement, but it isn’t the best use of your staff’s time. For customers, though, the options are endless, which means that if you do not answer the phone, they will call a competitor who will most certainly answer it and book your would-be customer.

Sounds like a catch-22? Not anymore. With TrueLark, you will never have to run the risk of missing a lead or letting them go cold. With the Lead Engage platform, you can now engage prospective customers with web chat, encourage them to fill a form, or even fill out their data on your social media channel.

This is particularly useful when you experience sudden surges in demand and cannot possibly find additional staff to attend to the ever-busy phone lines. With the Lead Engage platform, you can engage all of your leads in a contextual manner, answer their questions, and filter them by interest.

The best bit? TrueLark’s Lead Engage is entirely automated. Once it is set up and running, it does the job of your front desk and brings to your staff only those leads which express clear interest. The platform does this seamlessly in a way that emulates interaction with an actual human being, using the power of AI to give your customers highly engaging, contextual conversations.

Once your lead generation campaign is live, get maximum returns on your investment with TrueLark. Engage every lead better, so they always stay warm. Lead them organically from the discovery stage to working with you for years to come. Schedule a demo to learn more.

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