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How TrueLark’s Lead Engage is Helping Businesses Crush their Growth Targets

July 12, 2021

Often businesses make a classic rookie mistake: they pour money into marketing and digital advertising without having the wherewithal to follow up on the leads it generates. What is the point of shelling out cash on lead generation campaigns if the follow-up on new, interested customers falls abysmally short?

Businesses place ads on various websites or social media platforms that direct potential customers to a dedicated landing page. They fill out a small form with their name, email, or mobile number. Upon hitting submit, they are staking claim to the offer shown in the ad. But what happens when they hit submit? It is the business’ turn to reach out to them, consolidate the booking or the offer, and set a time frame for delivery. Or, in the case of services like spas and salons, book an appointment.

That is the best-case scenario. In reality, following up on every lead turned up by your marketing campaigns may not get accomplished solely with the help of desk staff. Businesses face multiple challenges like high turnover rate, delay in hiring and training new staff at the reception and getting them to consistently book appointments on the fly while engaging walk-ins or answering the phone. Despite the best multitasking efforts, training staff to follow up on leads can be challenging or feel like an overhead. Moreover, they are unlikely to have someone engaging with leads 24/7. The net result is that leads end up not being followed up on hours, days, and even months on end, causing them to dry up completely. Definitely not a desirable outcome after spending time, effort, and dollars designing a great lead generation campaign.

The Law of Immediacy is of vital importance here. When new clients reach out and don’t get an immediate, warm response to their query, their attention plummets. With each passing minute that ticks by as they wait for a reply, they are more likely to seek out a similar product by a competitor if their requirement is not met at your end.

What is Lead Engage? How does it ensure new clientele?

TrueLark’s Lead Engage platform sits at the intersection of AI and new customer interactions.

Lead Engage’s AI platform is at work 24/7, responding to a customer query or a form submission with an immediate, warm, precise, and contextual response. In addition to consolidating the lead by booking an appointment, Lead Engage can further the conversation by answering questions about additional offers or services, location, timings, and such.

With Lead Engage, those warm leads can be captured immediately, raising your booking rate by 30-35% or more. This number is also set to grow as AI evolves. Plus, Lead Engage can respect your customer’s preferences by finding out, for instance, whether they prefer texts or calls for communication. Here’s why our customer LunchboxWax is truly sold on Lead Engage.

“We literally have nobody at our front desk. That is our business model. And it works….TrueLark is resolving about 76% of the calls. LeadEngage is the solution for the conversion part.”- LunchboxWax

Get the most out of your lead generation campaign with minimal friction. Deliver your best service delivery and the kind of outstanding client experience that ensures repeat business! With Lead Engage, your warm leads will never go cold again.

Schedule a demo to learn more.


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