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Our Story

“I’ve got an online booking system for my appointment-driven business. I should be good, right?”

November 29, 2021

While having an online booking system seems to be a straightforward solution when you’re struggling with scheduling, the reality is often far more complex. Without a doubt, online bookings take the friction out of the process, but they also do not consider people and their contexts.

The truth is that even after twenty years of the prevalence of online booking, only 20% of all appointments get booked online, and that too in a very specific set of contexts. Moreover, some businesses, even today, don’t have an online booking system at all.

You see, the other 80% of clients, customers, or patients get booked over the phone, in-person, or by sending direct messages on other channels where you might have a presence.

Moreover, online booking isn’t always feasible and may add to the hassle while booking complex appointments, rescheduling, or canceling. This difficulty in self-service interactions causes personal service businesses to lose roughly $5-10k (or more) in booked income every month.

In such a scenario, how can appointment-driven businesses ensure they don’t miss these bookings and are available 24*7?

The solution is simple- an AI-assisted appointment scheduling platform can serve as the ideal option for your business when scheduling and recording customer bookings. Let’s see how.

Combining AI Capabilities With Appointment Booking

We cannot be at all places at all times, but our customers may not appreciate that. Artificial intelligence, however, can execute complex processes and decision trees with ease while also feeling very organic to the customer. 

Are they canceling or rescheduling an appointment? The AI platform can make it happen.

Rescheduling because the customer has a very specific need? The platform will make notes. 

Here are a few ways in which a platform like this can benefit you.

Uncompromised availability: We cannot highlight this enough- missed calls = lost revenue. There’s enough data to prove that businesses miss more calls than they can manually track. AI eliminates this hassle by taking care of every single call, every single time, and engages the customer right after a missed call, form submission, web chat, or text.

Customized Service: One of AI’s main selling points is its capacity to adapt. It continuously learns from interaction patterns, customer behavior, and other statistical evidence to know your requirements and thereby extend authentic, on-brand conversations and support.

Chatbots: AI can create and deploy automatic chatbots on your website and social media pages. An AI-driven interface between the consumer and your business will answer questions, plan appointments, and upsell services without the need for human participation. Users may then interact with the business, make inquiries, reschedule bookings, and more 24*7.

Feedback: It is one of the essential tools for developing and continuously enhancing one’s business. The AI-powered appointment booking software then sends out user surveys through email or SMS, collecting users’ perceptions regarding the service. The system then evaluates this data to decide which areas have opportunities for change and transmits this information to the relevant teams.

Shift To Meaningful Automated Communication With TrueLark

Every business requires a sound and straightforward automated communication system capable of supporting massive customer service requests in today’s world. 

TrueLark’s solution is a cutting-edge approach to dealing with clients in their context and based on their communication principles. It provides customer support 24/7 and manages millions of consumers per year without ever neglecting potential clients.

This automatic communication program gives clients customized suggestions, and its LeadEngage function allows you to contact clients through text soon after they reach you.  Additionally, the outreach framework delivers customized marketing text messages to their clients. 

For example, Sage Wellness, a Portland-based company, offers therapeutic bodywork appointments, classes, and products. With around 15 therapists and a series of classes and services, they aimed to make their appointment scheduling and rescheduling friction-free, easy, and quick. 

That’s when they turned to TrueLark. 

With TrueLark’s 24*7 available AI assistant Sasha, who can resolve all types of questions, never needs a break, and learns and gets better with every interaction, Sage Wellness’ struggle was efficiently resolved. In the first six months, TrueLark helped them resolve over 1700 inquiries and book 170 appointments while the therapists could focus on what they love and let TrueLark handle the rest. 

The result? Increase in revenue by $40,000 (over nine months) and decrease in overheads by $400 a month, eliminating unnecessary services.

Looking forward to exploring how TrueLark can help your business by employing AI-led appointment scheduling services? Book a demo with TrueLark now!


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