Hiring People for Your Wellness Franchise? Here’s Where to Focus Your Hiring Resources

Hiring challenges? There might be a way to solve them, just not the way you think. As a franchise owner, the labor shortage has probably hit hard in recent times. From hiring the right practitioners to staffing the desks, there is today a severe shortage of skilled workers who can ensure business continuity for you.

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COVID19 Resources – All in One Place

You have enough to focus on. Here are all of our COVID-19 Resources in one place. Reduced Staffing This Too Will End: What Businesses Are Doing to Prepare How TrueLark Can Help Rebuilding Your Customer Base This Too Will End: What Businesses Are Doing to Prepare How to Communicate with Clients During COVID-19 Above and … Continued

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Product Tips

TrueLark: How would you like your AI to handle inquires related to coronavirus

By now, you’re probably aware that coronavirus is a hot topic around the world. TrueLark is starting to see clients ask about the coronavirus, we are reaching out to let you know that your Business Assistant can assist in managing these conversations. Contact us letting us know how you would like us to respond when … Continued

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Product Update

Rest Easy with TrueLark

TrueLark is a remarkably human-like business assistant. You miss opportunities to connect with customers and leads every day. Grow, retain, and engage your customer base instantly with 24/7 coverage. The best part, it is fully automated so you can get back to what matters most.

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