Today TrueLark ( announced a new partnership with Boulevard (, a salon and spa business management platform, opening up an exciting opportunity for business operators in the beauty and wellness industry. TrueLark’s fluent AI-led communication platform now works together in harmony with Boulevard’s self-booking tool to augment the customer experience with conversational AI. This integration allows salons and spas to automate and scale personalized customer engagement within the Boulevard platform, leveraging their existing customer data.

“Our partnership with Boulevard is a natural fit. The integration ensures a seamless end-client experience, so salon and spa owners can deploy conversational AI directly within Boulevard’s incredible platform. We’re excited to bring two sophisticated technologies together for the benefit of the broader beauty and wellness industry,” said Srivatsan Laxman, CEO and Co-Founder of TrueLark.

“Due to the pandemic, salon and spa business operations have grown increasingly complex. Business owners are turning to modern technology to help them do more with less,” said Matt Danna, Co-Founder and CEO of Boulevard. “TrueLark is a leader in conversational AI and the perfect complement to Boulevard’s business management platform. Our companies share a common vision of enabling salons and spas to reach their full potential while providing a first-class client experience.”

Boulevard’s core capabilities include online self-booking, automated scheduling, and contactless Point of Sale — all of which have proven critically relevant in the era of social distancing. TrueLark enhances this feature set even further by providing human-like AI technology, equipped with advanced natural language processing. Boulevard salons and spas can now use TrueLark to guide customers through the booking process, recommend personalized add-ons, share safety protocols, and more.

TrueLark and Boulevard leaders also believe that the partnership will foster further product innovation. They recognize that the U.S. beauty salon industry, which is currently valued at $57.89B, is likely to continue its pre-pandemic growth trajectory once the coronavirus is controlled. To support that growth, particularly at the enterprise level, beauty businesses will increase their reliance on booking technology, automation, and human-level AI over the next decade. The two teams plan to align on future initiatives and identify further opportunities for collaboration.

About TrueLark

TrueLark’s powerful AI-led communication platform integrates into most booking platforms and instantly responds to millions of customer calls each year, answering detailed questions, booking new clients, and upselling services. TrueLark was incorporated in 2017 and is headquartered in Palo Alto, CA. For more information, visit

About Boulevard

Boulevard is the premier salon and spa management platform designed to streamline operations, increase sales, and delight customers. Developed in collaboration with industry-leading owners and operators, the company’s all-in-one platform includes client self-scheduling, CRM, marketing, custom reporting, and integrated payment processing. Boulevard delivers an intuitive, modern SaaS solution to an industry traditionally underserved by technology, helping them unlock their full potential. Boulevard is based in Los Angeles and was founded by Matt Danna and Sean Stavropoulos. For more information, visit