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How to Book More Appointments with Beauty Salon Software

June 6, 2022

When you are in the salon business, you are always on the lookout for new customers while taking care of your current customers so they come back again. This means you cannot afford to miss a call or incoming lead. If someone’s call goes to voice mail or an email or text is not answered promptly, you may lose a potential customer to a competitor.

This can be a challenge because things get busy. And no matter how big your salon is, your staff does not work 24/7. This is why you need TrueLark salon management software.

TrueLark uses powerful artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically follow up on missed calls and inquiries. It can schedule or reschedule appointments and automatically answer standard questions about services, hours, prices, etc.

Salon Booking Software & Salon Management Software Features

Deliver True Omnichannel Support

TrueLark goes to work immediately regardless of how clients contact you. Whether someone reaches out through your website, text, or social media, AI-powered messaging instantly responds.

  • Web Chat: Add a plug and play virtual assistant to your website that captures information, helps customers find what they are looking for and books appointments
  • SMS Texts: Configure TrueLark, to automatically answer common questions by text such as salon hours and directions, answer customers’ queries about products and services, and book and reschedule appointments. You can also use the texting tool to contact clients individually or as a group
  • Missed Calls: If you miss a call or a call comes in after hours, or if a customer leaves a voicemail, TrueLark responds instantly with relevant information and books appointments automatically
  • Social Media: Use a Contact Us call to action on your social platforms and manage all of your conversations using a single communication automation tool Timed Follow-ups

If customers do not book an appointment or follow up after a conversation, you can automatically reach out to try again. Timed follow-up messages are very effective in encouraging clients to finish booking an appointment.

Sentiment Monitoring

AI tools discern the sentiment behind conversations. This allows you to keep track of how clients feel about your service and focus on the most pressing conversations first.

Handle Multiple Tasks

TrueLark’s beauty salon software can automatically book appointments and handle multi-guest and multi-service requests very effectively. Compared to chatbots that can only book single-guest or single-service appointments, our salon booking software can handle complex booking requests with ease.

Always In Sync

TrueLark syncs with your booking or calendar platform to keep everything updated in real-time. Customers can seamlessly schedule, cancel, or change appointments on their own using the virtual assistant.

TrueLark salon management software also looks at your schedule to recommend times that optimize capacity. You can use your time more efficiently by encouraging clients to book times near other appointments and avoid large time gaps. You can also set preferred times or block out times where you do not want to accept appointments.

Personalized Recommendations

Your virtual assistant can also increase your revenue by making personalized recommendations about additional services and suggesting add-ons that can lead to upsells.

Capture All Relevant Information

Since you can customize TrueLark, you can gather information ahead of time, such as special requests or payment information, without human intervention. This makes appointments go smoothly and can help speed up the checkout process.

Promotional Marketing

You can also use TrueLark beauty salon software as a proactive marketing and communication tool. Send promotional messages, business updates and other messages to contacts who have opted-in. Are you launching a new service or product line? Running a special or creating time-sensitive discounts to fill up openings on your calendar? Let your customers know with the click of a button so they can book automatically.

Manage Multiple Locations

TrueLark also provides location routing if you have multiple locations and it “remembers” clients’ preferences for future appointments. Each site can also be customized to your needs. For example, if you have different services or price points at different locations, your clients will always get the correct information.

Robust Reporting

You will always stay on top of client communication with TrueLark. You get an instant notification if the virtual assistant cannot handle a customer query or if someone has requested a callback.

You will also get daily summaries of activities and highlights of conversations and can review transcripts from every interaction in one place.

Contact TrueLark Today!

TrueLark customers see an average 20:1 return on investment (ROI) and book an additional $13,000 in appointments. Contact us to book a demo to learn how we can help you grow your salon business.


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