Don’t Replace Your Front Desk, Super Power Them

Whether you’ve got a small, medium, or large-scale business, your front desk must always be staffed. Customers can call or text at any time, and they need a response or an acknowledgment in the right way at the right time. However, there may be situations when the desk is understaffed, and customers are dealing with a long wait time. Even worse, their requests may go unanswered. Being left hanging is a poor customer experience that isn’t forgotten very quickly! 

However, in the age of AI, both text and voice-based AI solutions for better customer service are accepted and affordable. Typically, AI works by gathering data through interactions with humans. Using this data, it answers queries or provides relevant information to customers. AI-equipped technology can take responsibility for simple tasks. 

The most significant benefit of any AI solution for the front desk is that it can remove the overheads of staffing for high-volume, low-value service desk activities. An AI solution is even more helpful when automating repetitive tasks allowing people to focus on activities that add greater value to the business.

What Happens When You Replace Your Front Desk With The TrueLark Solution?

TrueLark currently supports three sectors – Beauty & Wellness, Fitness, and Dental Practices. Powered by AI, TrueLark can answer queries, accept and modify appointment bookings, and ensure greater prospect engagement, all without human intervention.  You can integrate TrueLark with your Business Management Software to add a powerful business assistant to your team. That too, one that won’t grab your parking spot! 

So, should you be using the TrueLark AI solution as a first-touch implementation point or as a backup to your front desk? This consideration varies from business to business and depends on the objectives you wish to achieve through automation. However, first-touch implementation can reduce staffing costs by up to 75%. On the other hand, as a backup solution, TrueLark helps capture revenue that you may miss because your staff is tied up or not available at that time of day.

Essentially, TrueLark supercharges your front desk, allowing staff to be more productive and letting them prioritize the customer requests they want to focus their time and intention on. 

This doesn’t mean you have left your customers feeling any less valued. On the contrary, TrueLark delivers prompt, warm, and delightful customer service via text messaging. Clients can also book, cancel, or update their appointments or services through natural human-like conversations. TrueLark also helps in location routing by asking which location your clients seek to visit and remembering their preferences moving forward. In this way, TrueLark ensures your clients get the local information they need and the best experience possible.

Not only can TrueLark save you the task of hiring more employees for routine services, but it can do so while improving the customer experience and reducing costs.Schedule a demo to learn more.