Product Update

Introducing Staff Accounts

Since launching the new Business Dashboard earlier this year, many of you have asked whether you can create additional logins for your staff, with restricted access. We’ve taken in your feedback and we’re excited to share that you can now do so with Staff Accounts!

What is a Staff Account?

Staff Accounts are limited access logins to your TrueLark account designed to give your staff the information they need to ensure your clients get what they need.

What does this mean for you?

With Staff Accounts

  • Your staff will have access to the following tabs on your TrueLark account
    • Dashboard
    • Conversations
    • Voicemail
    • Help
  • You will have visibility into your staff members’ actions within the Dashboard, particularly how they have handled follow-up on conversations via:
    • Staff Notes
    • Conversation Status
  • You can add and remove staff easily from your TrueLark account

How do I create Staff Accounts? 

Here are written instructions – How to create a staff account

Here’s a video tutorial on – How to create a staff account

Need help? 

Contact us at with any questions!



TrueLark Team