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What’s better than your chatbot?

Have you ever asked yourself why Chatbots get “stuck” when supporting your clients? 

  • 25% of the time the chatbot does not have the information your client is seeking
  • 75% of the time the chatbot does not understand what the client is seeking!

75% of the time! When the chatbot gets stuck it puts additional workload back on business staff and requires redesigning the flows and re-implementing in order to add new question-answer associations and extended wait time for the client to get their needs met.  

What’s better than your chatbot? 

True artificial intelligence is capable of auto-learning question-answer associations, removing additional workload on business.

Teaching technology human-like language requires modeling from humans. It takes hundreds of thousands of conversations for an AI to have the ability to mirror human mannerisms through language. With each conversation and the assistance of an AI Trainer, Sasha becomes more capable and intuitive, making conversations smoother and taking the effort off your staff to train the AI.

Here is how it works:




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