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How SMS Messaging Can Support COVID Procedures

From taking client temperatures, appointment check-ins from the parking lot, to asking COVID screening questions before booking, 2020 has changed how Fitness, Beauty, Wellness, and Dental practices manage their business. Overall, TrueLark knows that keeping your staff and clients safe is your top priority. How your business manages these procedures can differ, but leveraging technology can support these efforts to ensure consistency and placing less burden on your staff. 

Use advanced workflows to assist in complying with new regulations and procedures around COVID or any other unforeseen event. TrueLark’s Advanced Workflows will give your business the flexibility to manage whatever comes your way.

Here is an example of how we can help: 

TrueLark asks a simple set of questions to determine the health of each client prior to their visit. This can be done prior to the visit. Helping to keep your clients and staff safe and following best practices. 


Want to learn more about how TrueLark can support your business during COVID? Advanced workflows are included in the ultimate plan. Book a meeting with us.