Product Tips

A Better Client Experience that Leads to Retention

First impressions are everything when it comes to boutique fitness. Most of the time you get one class to sell your experience to a new client. It’s important that it is the “right” experience. If the first experience isn’t a good fit, the client may never come back.  Worst, they might leave a poor review online or share their disappointment with friends. 

As a business owner, you’d like to recommend the best fit for each client’s unique needs. Hand-picking class recommendations have not been scalable, until now. With TrueLark’s Advanced Workflows, you can allow your Virtual Assistant to provide class or appointment recommendations based on your clients’ fitness experience, interest, or other unique parameters to create an experience that is customized to your business and the clients’ needs.

Here is an example of how it works: 


By asking targeted questions to the client, learning more about their history of preferences, TrueLark can provide a personalized experience for each new client by using the same logic as you or your best employee. Creating a consistency that is rare with human front desk staff and it’s scalable. 

By recommending the right class, to the right client increase your new client retention rate and provide an experience that will leave your clients wanting to come back for more. 

Build your own custom workflows with TrueLark or checkout additional advanced workflows our customers have created.