Support Your Franchisees and Grow

Every successful franchise starts with a strong vision, but vision alone is never enough. According to Entrepreneur, “You must translate that vision into reality in order to achieve success. And that starts with the sale.” TrueLark is here to support that sale and the model of excellence you are building for your franchisees.  


Sell more franchise locations by providing franchisees with the tools they need to grow. Here is how we can help.


Keep it Fresh

Potential franchisees are looking to purchase business models that are evolving with the times. Sell more locations by showing potential owners that your technology is forward-thinking. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the future. This technology will not only help franchisees run successful businesses but can be a great selling point for opening more locations. 


Reduction of Operation Expenses

Low overhead costs are very appealing for potential franchisees. Staffing costs are generally 40% of the expenses of fitness, beauty, and wellness businesses. TrueLark can help reduce staffing costs but supplement front desk hours by assisting with common redundant tasks that your staff currently manages. Our customers have seen a decrease in expenses and an increase in revenue after deploying the TrueLark product.


Reduction of Friction in Operations

In addition to high staffing costs, staff turnover can cause friction in operations decreasing customer service and taking up resources that could be utilized for revenue generation or growth efforts. TrueLark will provide a more consistent offering that matches your franchise’s brand and voice at a fraction of the cost even in the face of staffing storages or turnover. 


Better Customer Support

TrueLark can allow your locations to provide more immediate customer support to clients. It is available to speak with your customers day and night answering FAQs, booking appointments, and so much more. Responding within seconds of customer outreach. Creating a superior customer experience that will leave the end consumer delighted. The TrueLark product handles delivering this experience with little to no effort from franchisees. Delighted customers lead to increase revenue and a more appealing franchise model for potential franchisees. 


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