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Delight Your Customers: How AI Creates A Better Customer Experience

We live in a consumer-driven market. Consumers have high expectations of the businesses that they choose to spend their money with. From quick response times, personalized experiences, to outstanding customer service, these elements are vital for the success of local businesses. As any business owner knows, it can be easy to have things fall through the cracks even during the best of times. 

Learn how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can automate your customer service efforts while leaving your clients with a sense of delight. 

24/7 Coverage

AI Business Assistants provide coverage whenever your clients need you. Day or night, your front desk will be covered. Even if you and your staff are sleeping. TrueLark’s Business Assistant, Sasha is not only available 24/7, but can handle 10x more scenarios than a chatbot. This includes FAQs, location routing, scheduling, and service recommendations. 

Personalized & Consistent

One of the biggest challenges for local businesses is providing a consistent experience across each location.  TrueLark can provide product and service recommendations based on specific questions and information about your clients. This could include location or referral source, or fitness level/experience. This information will guide the conversations to ensure your clients get the answer that is most relevant to their situation while collecting the information your team needs to provide the very best experience.

You’ve created a successful brand with a proven process and a brand voice. TrueLark provides the ability to customize your responses, making sure your brand’s voice is expressed through the AI-platform.  

Empathic Responses

TrueLark’s AI-Powered Business Assistant uses natural human language throughout the conversation and seeks to understand the client’s intent as to why they are calling or texting your business. Natural conversations contain empathy, comprehension of slang, typos, and regional terms (think y’all vs. you all).

Create a better user experience by allowing the consumer to drive the conversation vs. the technology, getting to a solution quicker than other methods. TrueLark will also provide metrics around the sentiment of the conversation. Supplying your team with reporting that shows if clients are happy, or if they are frustrated. This information is housed within your business dashboard with simple to understand icons attached to each conversation. 

You care deeply about your clients and providing them with a superior experience. Make sure you have access to tools that help you and your business support that mission.

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