Bringing AI Assistants to Acuity: Increasing Revenue and Decreasing Cancellations through an Always-On Virtual Front Desk

At TrueLark, we strive to bring as many people as possible into the era of true conversational AI to eliminate the headaches associated with appointment-based businesses. That means creating something intelligent, seamless and easy-to-use that integrates with our current customers’ technology stacks. As we continue to move forward with this idea at our core, we are constantly looking for new ways to empower our small and large business customers to increase bookings and revenue, decrease cancellations, and even begin generating referrals.

We recently started working with Acuity, one of the industry’s leading online calendars and appointment managers on the market. We add value to Acuity’s software and diverse set of customers by providing access to the huge benefits of AI assistants through API integration. The company now supports over 50,000 businesses and major corporations and has had a hand in helping to schedule millions of appointments and scheduling logistics worldwide. As the leading innovator and provider of AI assistants in the health and wellness category, TrueLark is a great fit to add to their already impressive technology.

Why AI assistants?  Simple answer – the potential of increased productivity, profitability and performance. There are multiple productivity and performance challenges with managing a front desk.  How do you respond to clients’ calls out of hours? How do you make sure you respond to a potential new client out of hours so they don’t go to a competitor?  How do you balance the all-important face-to-face time with clients when the phone is ringing?

While many of our customers are building their businesses around appointments, they quickly realize the stress of maintaining a well-run front desk. The time and complexity of managing appointments is hard enough when they’re one-on-one services, it can become a nightmare when it comes to group or special event bookings. This is where AI assistants can transform the front desk experience for both owners/operators and their customers.

TrueLark assistants answer calls in a natural human conversation style, quickly and intelligently responding to client – and potential new client – needs.  They seamlessly book client appointments, enable the sale of loyalty programs, as well as answer, schedule and reschedule appointments, and respond to all types of general information requests such as appointment types and hours.

They are also easily personalized in the brand tone of a company, and because they understand the context, TrueLark assistants never forget a customer – in fact, they will also remember details such as when they last visited and the appointment or services preferences.

Deployment is very simple and TrueLark integrates seamlessly with Acuity software.  The productivity, performance and profitability potential of AI assistants is hard to ignore – TrueLark customers have experienced an average of 30% increase revenue, 20% increase in new client registrations and a significant increase in client retention and relationships.