From Class Pass User to a Monthly Unlimited Member

Two words for you… Recurring revenue. 

We all want it. We know it’s good for our business. We know memberships and the subscription economy is where it’s at. BUT commitment is hard. What can you do to convert your class package users to members? Here are three things to try. 

Don’t make them commit

Consider changing your pricing model. Find a rate that makes sense for your business and allow clients to go month to month with automatic billing every month. 

Tip: When they sign up have them agree to provide X day notification of cancellation (30 days is standard in fitness).

This can help prevent hesitation around longterm commitments and help you protect your business. 

Personalize it

Show them the value of their unique situation. If you’re using a booking platform like Mariana Tek or MINDBODY,  you can see how many classes your clients are attending per month and how much they are paying for each class. Use that information to provide custom recommendations.

Tip: For example, Rachel is coming to your studio 1-2 times per week for 10 ClassPass credits or $15/class. She is mostly consistent but tends to drop off for a week or two and comes back. Offer Rachel a membership that gives her more value and keeps her committed to your studio.

“Get 8 classes per month for $85. Billed monthly with the ability to add extra classes for only $10.”

If Rachel buys, consider checking back in after a few months and upselling her to an unlimited membership. It’s about learning and predicting client behavior and then motivating them to make small changes over time. 

Use The Consumer Questionnaire Feature

The sales process has to be strategic and connect back to the goals of your business. Use the Consumer Questionnaire feature from TrueLark to provide customized prompts during the booking flow. Here are a few examples of how you can upsell memberships using TrueLark.