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How to turn an automated Facebook Messenger response into a 2-way conversation

Provide Immediate Customer Support on Facebook using Automated Facebook Messenger responses and TrueLark

Your customers are reaching out to you via phone, email, text message, in person, Instagram, Facebook, Google Reviews, Yelp Reviews, Trip Advisor, etc. As a business owner, it can seem impossible to provide a timely response across multiple channels.

Optimize your Facebook Messenger response time using your Virtual Front Desk Assistant to support Facebook messages with almost no effort from you and your team.

 Step by step directions on how to set this up below:

  1. Login to your Facebook Admin Account
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Turn on “instant reply” under the “Automated Responses” section
  4. Draft your message letting your clients know you have a text-only number to book appointments, classes, or answer FAQs.
  5. Let our Virtual Front Desk Assistant manage conversations coming through Facebook!