Ever wonder how many calls salons and spas miss?


The number is hard to come by, but after working with hundreds of salons and spas, we’ve gathered some numbers that will shock you. The average salon or spa misses 10 calls Every. Day. Some miss as many as 25 calls in a single day!

The exact number of calls of course varies for all sorts of reasons. Size of business. Whether you have a receptionist or not. What days your shop is open and staffed. Quality of staff. So on and so forth. We have customers all across the spectrum and they’re all shocked when they start seeing the numbers for their business. 

Why do salons and spas miss so many calls? 

Of course every business is different, but there are a few reasons that stand out after digging deeper. 

There are three primary reasons why salons and spas miss calls.

  • Hiring, training, and retaining staff is a challenge 
  • Multi-tasking 
  • It’s impossible to get to every call

Hiring, training, and retraining staff is a challenge

Let’s start with the most common reason — it’s hard to hire, train, and retrain talent at salons and spas. The average lifespan of staff at a salon or spa is 3 to 5 years, meaning that 20-33% of your staff will move on every year. Inconsistency at the front desk simply means at times not have anyone at the front desk to answer the phone. 


Second biggest reason is multi-tasking. This one is especially true for businesses that aren’t large enough to justify having a full-time receptionist. If you fall into this bucket, that means your staff is not only servicing your customers, but they’re also checking customers in, keeping the shop clean, etc. All of this takes away from time available to answer the phone. 

It’s impossible to answer every call

Lastly, even if you have a reliable front desk staff, it’s not possible to answer every call. When the shop is closed, of course there’s no one there to answer the phone. But even during lunch hours or during the morning or afternoon rush, you and your staff may either be out or on the line with another customer and simply not have time to answer the phone. 

Why is missing calls a problem? 

About 50% of calls into your business are potential customers either ready to buy or have a question about your services. This means that if you miss 6 calls per day, you’re leaving likely missing 3 opportunities to engage customers. If you’re a salon charging $100 for a massage, you’re leaving $300 of business on the table every day

Fortunately, whether you’re a one-person studio or the busiest operation, TrueLark can help!