Fastest Adopted Salon Industry AI Solution Now Available For Fitness Market


PALO ALTO, Calif., Sept. 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — True Lark, the leading developer of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for small business, including True Lark for Salons and Spas, the fastest adopted AI solution in the salon and spa industry, today announced the immediate availability of True Lark for Fitness. Powered by true AI technology, True Lark for Fitness deploys an AI-assistant named Sasha that immediately answers incoming calls via text to conduct personalized and intuitive discussions. In addition to answering questions about classes and memberships, True Lark for Fitness can enroll clients into classes, book private sessions, enable new client memberships, and enable the sale of class packs. True Lark for Fitness beta customers have experienced an average of 30% increase revenue, 20% increase in new client registrations, and a significant reduction in class drop-outs.

In an industry where customer loyalty can be fleeting and churn as high as 50%, fitness studio managers, owners, and franchisers alike will benefit from True Lark for Fitness.  

True Lark for Fitness Benefits:

Boosts Productivity, Efficiency, and Profitability:   Unlike a reception desk, True Lark for Fitness is available 24/7. Early fitness customers find this especially helpful before 6am when its front desk staff are typically not available. True Lark responds to calls immediately via helpful and highly engaging AI-powered text discussions. Instructors get to spend 100% of their time giving classes without interruption, studio managers can focus on managing the studio not the reception desk, and studio owners benefit from dramatically improved bottom and top line.

Scale: Regardless of the size of studio, number of locations or range of classes, True Lark for Fitness has unlimited capacity so can respond to any number of incoming calls, including parallel missed calls, all tailored specifically to a studio’s brand style and tone.  This means, as studios grow, they avoid the challenges of scheduling complexity and additional resources needed to manage a higher volume of questions and sign-up requests. 

Brand loyalty:  True Lark for Fitness becomes increasingly intelligent and intuitive over time.  This means, as each customer engages, the AI-assistant Sasha creates highly personalized discussions based on individual customer preferences.  This ability to give immediate, personalized and intelligent service and advice can help build studio affinity and loyalty.  

Simple and Seamless Set-Up and Management:  The True Lark set up is simple and easy and customers have access to on-going technical support, plus easy to use web portal for account management which includes powerful dashboards to help them understand their workflows and call/query volumes, responses, and outcomes.  True Lark for Fitness integrates with all the leading wellness industry business management platforms including MINDBODY and Booker Software.

Pricing:  Monthly subscriptions start as low as $150 which includes unlimited calls handled, class enrollments, FAQs answered.  For full list of features see: Pricing

Supporting quote:
True Lark CEO, Srivatsan Laxman: “The response from the salon and spa industry to True Lark for Salons has been immense. Taking these benefits and features then adding and tailoring for the wellness and studio industry with True Lark for Fitness was a natural progression. To be clear, unlike the plethora of chat-boxes and pseudo AI solutions, we are bringing the power of true AI technology to the small business market. Its value and impact are proven in the quantifiable improvement we make to our customers’ top and bottom line.”

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About True Lark
Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, True Lark creates AI solutions for the un-sung heroes of the global economy – the small business.  True Lark has democratized the AI market by bringing affordable and tailored solutions to main street.  The company is the fastest adopted AI solution for the salon and fitness studio industries.  Embodied in ‘Sasha‘, the most advanced AI powered consumer texting system, True Lark solutions deliver high impact productivity, efficiency, revenue and customer retention advantages within weeks of deployment. 

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